I once read this sign that said, all good stories start with one drunken night.  Well that’s how this company started.   One of my closet friends called me from vacation where he “lost” his wallet in the ocean.  Truth be told, I think he threw it in there (he had a few too many margaritas that night). 

As we spoke more, he talked about how men can’t find unique leather accessories and that they are mostly made in black and brown.  So I decided to create our entire line for both men and women in all of the cool funky colors. And that’s how the idea of Icaro Leather Shop came to be.

Some time after my friend’s wallet incident, I went in search of what pains women most about their leather goods.  It became clear their number one challenge was that the interior of the bag would tear and wear out before the exterior of the bags would show any signs of use.  So Icaro Leather Shop started lining all of our leather accessories in leather. 

We stand behind all of our products, should the stitching or hardware wear out on your accessory, simply contact us and we will repair or replace it with in 10 years of your purchase date.